Congregational Development

Help your congregation grow in a unique setting. Our camps have many camps and programs on their schedules this summer, or call the camp to plan a special event just for your church.

Manual on the Church is a recent UCC resource which parallels the Manual on Ministry to help define the nature of and relationships between churches as well as the local church and the wider church. A discussion guide is also available.

You have a unique and exciting story to tell. A story that defines you and your church. A great story isn’t confined to just one vehicle. Brochures, direct marketing, the web, announcements and advertisements can all work together to tell the whole story.

The Ministerial Profile Portal has been developed to empower and mobilize ministers in their searches, to standardize the profile validation process for Conferences and Associations, and to improve search capabilities among profiles for Search & Call staff. The portal is designed to be user-friendly.

The Sacred Practices Leadership Series (SPLaSh) is a joint venture of the Center for Renewal at Grand View University and the Alban Institute. SPLaSh is designed to support ongoing-formation for church leaders—laity and clergy—to cultivate prayer, discernment,and other sacred practices for your congregation’s life and ministry.

This is a link to information that was used at the May 24, 2011 StillSpeaking event in Peoria, Illinois.

The original Leaders Box was an actual box with hundreds of letter-size “cards” that could circulate from a church’s library. While some of the cards are notably outdated (for example, one card describes the use of a mimeograph in newsletter production, and there are no cards that provide guidance on the construction of a church website), still much of the informaiton remains insightful for churches today.

Congregational Vitality is a great site full of UCC programs to help revitalize your congregation!

UCC Evangelism another great site full of resources available to your congregation to reach out to your community.

UCC Youth and Young Adult Homepage

All things UCC that are cool, hip and new.