Eastern Association Staff

The Eastern Association is blessed to have dedicated staff serving, guiding and walking with our congregations and alternative ministry settings. There is a distinct commitment to partnership with clergy and lay leadership, and a desire to celebrate our diversity in the midst of finding strength in our oneness.

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Eastern Association
14142 S. Butler Court
Plainfield, IL 60544
Phone (630) 707-9991

Acting Associate Conference Minister, Rev. Kimberly Wood (Eastern Association and Fox Valley Associations (temporarily))


Eastern Association Support Staff

Conference Support Staff, Mrs. Carmen Torres (Conference Website Support)

Conference Support Staff, Mrs. Tracy Diehl (Conference Bookkeeper)

Conference Support Staff, Ms. Connie Owens (Conference Search and Call Specialist)
1409R Kelly Ave.
Peoria Heights, IL 61616
Phone (309) 685-5929

Finance Administration

Conference Controller, Mr. William Serritella

Conference Bookkeeper, Mrs. Tracy Diehl

1840 Westchester Blvd, Suite 200
Westchester, IL 60154
Phone (708) 344-4470  Fax (708) 344-4564

Conference E-Blast

Conference E-Blast Editorial Assistant, Mrs. Carmen Torres 

1840 Westchester Blvd, Suite 200
Westchester, IL 60154
Phone (708) 344-4470  Fax (708) 344-4564


Pilgrim Park Camp

26449 1340 N Ave.
Princeton, IL 61356-8790
Phone (815) 447-2390 Fax (815) 447-2205

Site Director, Mr. Mitch Kloster

Assistant Site Director/ Resident Naturalist, Mr. Matt Martinkus

Conference Support Staff, Ms. Tara Cade (Camp Registrar, Assistant to Site Director, Office Manager)

Tower Hill Camp

12173 Tower Hill Rd.
Sawyer, MI 49125
Phone (269) 426-3881 Fax (269) 426-8255

Interim Site Director, Rev. Peggy Johnson

Conference Support Staff, Ms. Jeri Edelberg (Camp Registrar)